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What Is Spyware and How Do You Remove It?

166108505Spyware is a software that secretly gets installed on your computer and can track and record everything you do. They can record what you type, such as personal information you may enter on websites. This information can be used to steal your identity and do massive amounts of financial damage. Generally, spyware gets installed along with free programs like games or screensavers that you find online.

Here are some signs that you have spyware installed on your computer:

– Toolbars in your browser that you didn’t install

– Your home page or default search program changes unexpectedly

– When typing in a specific website, you get redirected to something completely different

– You get pop-ups even when you’re not on the internet

– Your computer starts running slowly for no apparent reason

Sometimes, your computer may not show any symptoms. Not all spyware is the same. It is best to either have a program to specifically search for and remove spyware or make sure that your current anti-virus software also targets spyware.

Ways to safely remove spyware from your computer:

Use an anti-spyware removal tool

Like I mentioned above, this is probably one of the easiest methods. These programs will help you prevent spyware and other unwanted software from infecting your computer before they even get started. They will notify you of any potential threats, and you have the option of either ignoring the threats or removing them.

Spyware scanners are usually included in antivirus programs, so if you already have one, then you should check to see if that program includes spyware protection or if you have to can add it on with an update. Once you get it all worked out, make sure to scan your computer regularly.

Remove it manually:

Sometimes, spyware can be painfully hard and annoying to get rid of. If your program notifies you that it can’t remove the threat, then you can try some of these ideas:

Check Programs and Features for items that don’t belong on your computer.

Be really careful doing this, you may screw something up. There will be lots of programs listed, and most of them are not spyware. Occasionally, spyware programs will have an “uninstall” option and can be removed pretty easily by uninstalling them. If you can’t tell if a program is spyware or not, then you should probably just hang tight and get some help before you delete something you need.

Reinstall Windows:

It’s just a sad fact that some spyware is impossible to remove. If you still know that there is spyware on your computer after doing everything you can to remove it, you can always reinstall Windows. This may be a pain in the neck, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are safe.

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