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Which Operating System Is Right For You?

It really is easy to forget what makes our devices tick. We use them so much that it becomes second nature to us, literally. Most know about all of the circuitry and inner workings of their devices. If we crack them open, we see all of the wiring on green plastic boards with lots of little silver and orange dots on them. But that is only really half of it. Think of your operating system, the part of your tech that actually makes your devices able to perform the functionalities that you want. We use them every time we turn our computer on or when we turn our phones on. Many of them are capable of getting viruses, and some just work better than others. So should you look into changing yours?


Mac and Linux operating software is looked upon quite highly, and with good reason. Many have said that “Macs can’t get viruses”. While we all wish that was true, it is just not. Macs, just like any other computer running an OS, can get viruses. The only real difference here is the fact that many people don’t use OS X, Linux, or any of the other Mac operating systems. A vast majority of the viruses out there are written for Windows operating systems. Since most virus writers are used to the IBM platform and Windows in general, it is much more likely to see a virus written around that OS rather than a Mac OS. Since Linux and other Mac OS’s are built around the Unix Kernel, it’s quite easy to see why these systems are more secure. The Mac OS’s require advantaged access for any type of malware or virus to even be installed, let alone run. You know you are getting a secure operating system with Mac.

Windows Update

Windows is arguably the most used and widely known operating system out there. With so many iterations and upgrades for it, one would think that it is pretty secure. They have taken notes and added more security measures for the newest Windows 8, everything from encryption for passwords and documents, to included antivirus protection and automatic updates. Windows has learned from their mistakes, it would seem, and have taken the necessary steps to make sure their customers feel secure. With that being said, Windows is still used far more than Mac OS’s and is thus a much larger target for virus writers. The new Windows does include basically everything that you could think of in terms of security.

Each of these operating systems are at the top of the pack for a reason. In comparison to Windows, Apple’s OS’s are nearly virus-proof. This is mainly due to the popularity of Windows over Apple. They each have their pros and cons. When deciding on an operating system, it’s important to actually take security into consideration. It is always best to research these operating systems and have an idea of what you are primarily going to be doing on your computer. Having the best OS in the world isn’t going to matter if your computer becomes a virtual cesspool of viruses and malware.

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