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Apps That Could Help Move Along The Software Development Process

It should come as a surprise to no one that we rely on apps and technology for almost everything we do these days. Basically anything that you can think of has an app. Apple’s early marketing campaign for apps, “There’s an app for that.”, has pretty much become the truth. Now, even though this is the case, this doesn’t mean that all of the apps available currently are worth your time or memory space. Obviously, apps such as Facebook, Maps, and Google can be seen as a necessity by today’s standards. Other apps, such as the late Flappy Bird or an app that turns your phone screen into a strobe light, should be seen for what they are.

Making these apps, and other software, can be very difficult to do. Think about all of the lines of code that must be checked and written out correctly in order for your new app or software to work. Well, as luck would have, there are apps for that.

Just because someone is on the development team of a new software project doesn’t mean that they are not without mistakes. Any type of software is going to have some bugs that need to be worked out. It’s just the norm. Now the developers can use apps and software that check their respective projects for any issues or problems.

Exceptional is an app that will continuously track bugs and errors within your applications and notify you of them in real-time. The app offers the ability to grab custom data, search for errors, manage the errors found within the software, and even observe complete backtraces. The app will then send you alerts via text message, email, Webhooks, or Campfire. And, for only $9 a month to use the service, it is a very inexpensive way to keep up with your errors.

Sifter has definitely earned its name. This app gives developers the use of a function called “Milestones”. As you may think, milestones will break down each project you have running through the program and will keep track of all the progress made from each milestone. It will show the issues being found with the code, along with showing a status of each error to show the severity and urgency of the error. Sifter’s dashboard lets you look at all of the projects currently running the program, along with a small overview of each project. The apps subscription fees range from $29 per month up to $149 per month.

Bugzilla is a free application that is more suited to find problems after your product has been released. Should there be any outstanding bugs, this app will find them. It will then keep track of the errors and any types of code changes. It will also give you the ability to submit patches for your software and even review them to see what can be made better with future patches. Being able to keep track of these issues after the fact is nice, especially when it is free.

Remember that there are many other apps out there to help your development team for its next project. Staying ahead of the curve and eliminating errors before they are exploited is the best way for a business to push their products and keep their development teams on their toes. Happy coding!

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