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Why To Upgrade Your Old Windows XP Machine

Windows XP was launched in 2001 and was the ideal operating system for a very long time; it set the benchmark for business operating systems and home use. Throughout the years of updates and support it was the operating system you could rely on. Well if you are unaware, the support for Windows XP ends in only a few days and it is imperative that you upgrade your operating system, if not your entire PC,  and here is why.

 There are no more security updates.
“Without critical Windows XP security updates, your PC may become vulnerable to harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software which can steal or damage your business data and information. Anti-virus software will also not be able to fully protect you once Windows XP itself is unsupported.” ~ That is according to Microsoft

There is no more technical support.
In the case where you need assistance no how to use or fix your operating system, you will be unable access support from Microsoft.

There will be compliance issues with regulatory boards like, HIPAA.
If you are a business, particularly a medical related business, with a governing board like HIPAA you will no longer be compliant.

There will be no more ISV (Independent Software Vendor) support.
“Many software vendors will no longer support their products running on Windows XP as they are unable to receive Windows XP updates. For example, the new Office takes advantage of the modern Windows and will not run on Windows XP.” ~ That is according to Microsoft

There will be no more hardware manufacturer support
“Most PC hardware manufacturers will stop supporting Windows XP on existing and new hardware. This will also mean that drivers required to run Windows XP on new hardware may not be available.” ~ That is according to Microsoft

Windows XP is arguably the least secure operating system out there
If we look at the numbers are a whole, machines will running Windows XP nearly four times more likely to get a virus, malware, spyware then the next least secure operating system.

What should you do with your system?
1.  With the Windows XP end of life date coming up shortly, it would be an very good time to replace your computer all together with a new one.  The advancements in hardware even over the past few years have been astounding and new machine would make a big difference.  The reasl reason to replace your machine is that there is a definite possibility that the machine you have running Windows XP may not be able to run Windows 7 or Windows 8.

2. If you want to keep your machine you will want  to see if you can actually run Windows 7 or Windows 8.
3. Try out Windows 8 before you buy it! You can go to any local store that sells computers and they should have computers with Windows 8 loaded on it. It’s a drastically different operating system than you are used to, so make sure you like it before you buy it.  Windows 7 functions a lot like Windows XP, just dressed up and better looking.

4. Find which operating system you like, then back up all of your files and begin the installation of your new up to date operating system.

Windows XP was a great system, and so are the new operating systems.  There are so many reasons to upgrade away from XP, but the choice is all yours.  If you need assistance on whether your PC can run Windows 7 or Windows 8, or if you need someone to do the installation for you go ahead and give us a call.  877-422-1907.


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