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Computer Security Watch – April 7 2014

Brightly colored cremation services and embalming?  You had me at brightly colored, I will take two! 

Today’s Top Threat

The asprox.B virus is a Trojan Horse virus and a botnet. It attaches itself onto your computer generally through emails and will spam out emails once it is connected to your computer, so be wary of opening emails\files from people you do not know.

Today’s Top Stories
“It is an interesting time to be in IT security today. PRISM and Edward Snowden taught many lessons about how companies should secure their data. There’s been a lot of discussion about the surveillance aspect of this, but consider this whole affair from the side of the NSA.”

Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

Today’s Most Ridiculous Spam E-mail
I inserted a picture of today’s spam in the original color and font so you can see how much it hurt the eyes. This gem came from the ICCFA University!


End of Life 
The spam email about cremation, embalming, and funerals is kind of fitting.  Tomorrow we see the end of support for Windows XP.  If you are unaware, you can’t read more.

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