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Computer Security Watch – April 8 2014

Copycat apps and an official end of Windows XP support.
Today’s Top Threat
The Shylock virus seems a bit underwhelming at first read, but when a virus adds malicious code to network traffic it can get really annoying. Usually when you see a Shylock style virus you tend to have a few of them around, which will make that computer of yours run super slow.

Today’s Top Stories
“With copycat apps growing on official app stores, it’s harder than ever to know whether an app you’re downloading is genuine. Outside of the big, trusted names, how do you know if an unknown developer with few reviews is really making useful apps, or simply building vehicles for getting malware onto your smartphone? To add an extra layer of reassurance when browsing for new apps, download Norton Mobile Security and use it to scan new apps before you run them – you might be surprised what you find out..”

Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

Today is the day
I have spent more time today reloading computers than I would have thought and still have plenty more to go! If you are unaware today is the end of life for Windows XP, so if you are still running Windows XP it is officially time to give up your old ways and upgrade! You can’t read more.

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