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Computer Security Watch – April 10 2014

Which get rich quick scheme is faster, bitcoins or spam?

Today’s Top Threat

Microsoft Word CVE-2014-1761 Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Yesterday we covered a vulnerability in Internet Explorer, today it looks like it’s an issue with Microsoft Word. It looks like it is up to the same shenanigans as the Internet Explorer version, in this virus your computer will become a host for denial of service attacks.

Today’s Top Stories
““Get rich fast” scams have been circulating online for several years now. Some examples would be the classicNigerian or 419 scams, lottery scams, and work-from-home scams. The stories may vary but the underlying premise is the same: get a large sum of money for doing something with little to no effort. Scammers have now added a new topic to their roster of lures: the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The continued rise and fall (and rise and fall and…) of Bitcoins has captured the interest of the media and the public. Certain events in the cybercriminal underground have also played a significant part in boosting the profile of this digital currency.”

Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

Today’s Most Ridiculous Spam E-mail
I love the politeness that comes with spam some days, you get” please” and ”thank you”s while they clutter up your inbox and loom dangerously with attachments loaded with viruses, but they are so polite! How can you resist?!
Thank you for your time
Our company is specialized in the production stage lighting company.
Look forward to your reply
Thank you very much
Get rich quick, bitcoins and spam emails
Everywhere we look there are always people trying to get rich quick. We prefer the old fashion way of work hard for your money and spend it wisely.

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