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Computer Security Watch – April 14 2014

Lucky Day For Me! Not Lucky For 552M People In 2013.
 Today’s Top Threat
The Sonar Zbot is a variant of the older Zeus bot, it is designed to steal private information and pass it back to an offsite source. The most common way to get this virus is through spam emails and untrustworthy downloads.

Today’s Top Stories
““552M Stolen IDs in 2013: The Threat of the Mega Breach. Symantec has released a report that shows internet security threats increasing on several fronts. In addition to a shift in the methodology of hackers, it seems that both the number and scale of cyber attacks are on the rise.”
More at: http://www.tomsitpro.com/articles/symantec-mega-breach-stolen-id-cybercrime,1-1864.html

Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

Today’s Most Ridiculous Spam E-mail
Oh my! It is my lucky day! Well wait a minute, I didn’t win the lottery day, why is my day so lucky? Oh sweet label tapes!
“Dear friend,
Lucky day to you!
If you are looking for compatible label tapes for BROTHER/DYMO/EPSON/CASIO/KINGJIM
, welcome to contact me.
I believe we will bring you success in your business with our fast delivery & high quality & competitive price.”
Everything can be stolen these days
552M ID’s stolen in 2013 according to, which is my math is right, comes down to around 17 ID’s a second! It is a scary thought, but you can always make it that much harder for thieves by being smart about what emails you open, what items you download, and always keep an eye on your information. Remember, we always advise, be diligent, be wise, and think before you click! 

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