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Computer Security Watch – April 23 2014

Spammers… A New Version Of The School Yard Bully
Today’s Top Threat
Infostealer.Neabolsa has a fun and interesting name, however this virus is neither fun nor interesting. As the name suggests it will get into your system and start sending sensitive data back to an off-site server. The virus is very easy to remove, however if you notice it on your computer it might be a good time to change up some passwords.
Today’s Top Stories
Cybercriminals Take Advantage Of Heartbleed With Spam
“Since news about Heartbleed broke out earlier this month, the Internet has been full of updates, opinions and details about the vulnerability, with personalities ranging from security experts to celebrities talking about it. Being as opportunistic as they are, cybercriminals have taken notice of this and turned the furor surrounding Heartbleed into lure for a spam attack. the usual spam and phishing threats that came out at the last minute, even after the deadline has passed.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

Heartbleed Round Two (Spam Edition)
Okay, so not really round two for the Heartbleed SSL even though it still lingers about on the ineternet, but we are seeing a definite increase in spam with the words Heartbleed in it. Much like a school yard bully trying to get your money by intimidation and fear, spammers are playing off one of your most basic fears, lack of control. They want your information, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. When you check your email always keep calm and read things through, unless it’s a source you trust, it’s not worth believing!

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