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Computer Security Watch – April 25 2014

If AOL Can Get Hacked, So Can You!
Today’s Top Threat
The IOS.Passrobber is a very serious threat that is easily dealt with. As the name suggest this virus aims for the IOS systems, including the iPhone. Once the virus is on your system it will start stealing information including Apple ID’s and passwords.
Today’s Top Stories
AOL Mail Service Hacked, Compromised Emails Used To Send Spam
A few days ago, America Online, or AOL, confirmed that their mail service – AOL Mail – had been hacked, with the email addresses (allegedly only 1% of their entire customer base) either compromised and/or spoofed to send spam with links leading to phishing pages. We combed through the Internet to look for samples of the phishing spam being sent, and they popped up readily in our searches.
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.
Sometimes Even The Ones You Know…
The hacking of the AOL database reminds me that even people you trust can be compromised in the world of the internet. I have no doubt the person’s email address that was hacked and sent out spam never meant to, but it is a good reminder to not just click with wild abandonment even if you know the person. All of us at some point or another have received an email from a friend that seemed more than a little strange, it is at that point you need to think critically and choose whether or not what was sent to you seems legitimate or if it seems spammy, when in doubt do not click!

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