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Having A Well Designed Website Can Mean The Difference Between “Sale” and “No Sale”

It’s something we do everyday without thinking. We go online and shop, tweet, Facebook, and more. All of the websites that we access everyday look so pretty and well designed don’t they? It’s not by accident, that much is for sure. There is a lot more going on with the design of a website than meets the eye. Sure, you can go on YouTube right now and look up videos on webpage design, go to a webpage generator, and try to design your own space (granted that your coding skills are good enough), but it may not look as good as many of the other sites. There is a lot of thought process that has to go into the actual webpage design, everything has to be taken into consideration.

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Take for example, the color of the site. There is a science behind colors believe it or not. Certain colors are designed to instill certain feelings into you. Normally homes have very neutral earth tones, as they had a calming effect. Ever notice how every fast food restaurant ever is either red, yellow, or both in their logos? It’s due to the fact that these colors tend to make us feel hungry and can easily become associated with food. When dealing with color choice with your webpage, you need to decide what colors will not only work for your site and its product, but also will instill the feels that you are trying to give your customers when they visit a site. Most “tech” sites contain blues, whites, silvers, and blacks. Also a reason for that is we associate blue with electricity more often than not.

When designing the page, you need to think about the things that you may not normally think about however. Take for example people who may be colorblind. Should you have a red “error” message or show something in red that indicates a required field not being filled out properly to a person who can’t see red, you might have a problem or a future complaint on your hands. You need to think ahead about the possible hurdles you may come across during the time of design. Instead of just leaving it up to the color to show some time of necessary field not being filled out, add and exclamation point point or an “X” next to the field. These are images people can easily associate with.

When you choose to get started on the webpage design for your company, not only should you think about the color of the layout, but also the layout itself and the vps hosting service that you’re gonna use. Everything should have a very clear and clean navigational interface. Links to different webpages need to be highlighted properly and lead to the correct destinations. The use of pictures, placement, and different fonts can play a big part as well. Depending on what type of product you are trying to sell, or what your company is about, you are definitely going to want to have a webpage that best suits the attitude and goals of the company. Example: Apple’s products are very sleek and very clean, and usually pretty easy to navigate through. If you go to www.apple.com right now, you’ll see a webpage design that is a direct reflection of the products they sell; sleek and simple.

Remember that when dealing with a new webpage design, everything from proper layout, to adding a bit more clarity for those with colorblindness can mean the difference between a potential customer, and someone just passing through. And if your roofing company is having trouble generating leads, you can visit https://blackstormroofingmarketing.com/roofing-lead-generation-strategies for tips on how to improve your marketing.


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