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Computer Security Watch – April 28 2014

Microsoft To Windows XP Users About Zero Day Bug: No Updates For You!

Today’s Top Threat
The Backdoor.Zegost virus is a typical Trojan virus that will open the “back door” of your computer and let all of his buddies in to wreak havoc on your system. Symantec classifies this virus as easy to remove and easy to contain with a medium damage level, be careful out there this week!
Today’s Top Stories
New Zero Day Internet Explorer Bug
Microsoft published a security advisory about a new zero-day bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer. This bug leaves all versions of the popular web browser vulnerable to attacks. Other vendors are using the name “Operation Clandestine Fox” to identify targeted attacks using this bug in the wild. So far this bug is not being used in widespread attacks.
Microsoft will be issuing a patch for supported operating systems, but Windows XP users will need to find another way to stay secure, as the operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft.
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.
The First Worrisome Event Since The End Of XP
So far the end of XP has not meant much to many people, the day came and gone with no explosions, no fire, no gnashing of teeth or any sort of the end of life phenomenon’s, but that is just day one. With the new Zero Day internet explorer bug hitting Internet Explorer recently; it will mark the first of many updates that users still stuck on Windows XP will not receive. This is going to be a very serious issue, fortunately for everyone with Windows Vista or better you will not need to worry, but if you are on Windows XP it would be time to think about upgrading or swapping browsers.

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