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Computer Security Watch – April 29 2014

Retro Style Viruses, A Whole New Threat

Today’s Top Threat
The Bloodhound.Flash is a virus that is “attempting to exploit the Adobe Flash Player Buffer Overflow Vulnerability(CVE-2014-0515).” Which simply put means that through a weakness in Adobe Flash your information, including usernames and passwords will be compromised.
Today’s Top Stories
 Old Infostealer Resurfaces, Now Delivers Ransomware
 “Sometime near the start of the year, we noticed that the old malware family TSPY_USTEAL resurfaced. This information stealing malware now includes new routines including malicious packers, obfuscation, and bundling ransomware.
TSPY_USTEAL variants were seen in the wild as early as 2009, and is known to steal sensitive information like machine details and passwords stored in browsers. It can act as a dropper, dropping plugins or binaries in its resource section. The stolen information is stored in an encrypted .bin file, which is uploaded to a C&C server via FTP. This was part of the behavior of the previous variants, and continues on in newer variants.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.
Today’s Most Ridiculous Spam E-mail
“Roman Belyh”
Literally that was it. No attachments, no information, no websites, nothing, just Roman Belyh. Oddest spam I have ever received.
Viruses Are Getting Retro.
It seems like everything goes in cycles, every day you see old styles come back into the spotlight, now it looks like viruses are doing the same. For a long time I was not seeing any of the fake ‘anti-virus’ viruses going around, then the next thing I know there is a whole new iteration of them! It seems like the people creating the viruses are very up to date and keen on what people are doing and the feel of the general population. Once we get a little relaxed on certain protocols… that is when the next virus hits!

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