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Computer Security Watch – May 1 2014

Passwords, Get Your Passwords Here!
Today’s Top Threat
The Android.Samsapo is a virus that affects android systems, when the virus infects the phones the phone will automatically sent out SMS text messages to all contacts stored on the device. Suffice to say this virus can get pretty nasty and really annoying quickly.
Today’s Top Stories
Passwords: Not Going Away Anytime Soon
“For users who are not system administrators, the biggest impact of the Heartbleed vulnerability has been all the passwords that they have had to change. This, together with improvements in alternative authentication methods (like the fingerprint scanners now embedded in flagship smartphones), have caused some rather bold statements about passwords to be made.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.
Best Practices Are The Best Idea
I have always firmly believe in good solid passwords, they make it impossible to guess and make brute force attempts nearly impossible. Everyone knows that a good password ideally has numbers, characters, non-alphanumeric characters (such as %*#!) in them, but what people fail to realize is that to make a password even stronger it shouldn’t make sense. I can probably assume a lot of people do things like !rover2014. Which looking at it is a relatively strong password, but !pigsnorkel5430? is a much stronger password, not just based on the question mark at the end, but based on the logic of the combined word of pigsnorkel.

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