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Computer Security Watch – May 6 2014

Patience Is A Virtue, Not Having Viruses Is A Blessing
Today’s Top Threat
The Andoird.Lockdroid.G may sound ominous, because it is. The Lockdroid will literally lock down your phone and demand a ransom amount in order to unlock your phone. It will even go as far as adding an icon to your home screens.
Today’s Top Stories
Why Symantec Says That The Covert Redirect Flaw in OAuth and Open ID is ‘Not As Bad As Heartbleed’
“Some media outlets are sounding the alarm about the recently discovered Covert Redirect flaw in OAuth and OpenID being “the next Heartbleed.” Symantec experts have assured people that it’s not.
What is this Covert Redirect flaw? The vulnerability exploits web and mobile applications that allow users to login via OAuth (an application that lets 3rd parties access account details from other websites, such as social media sites). It allows attackers to disguise a fake login popup, using the affected website’s real domain. These attackers can collect login information from users if they authorize the login, and, even if they don’t, users can be re-directed to a malicious website that could compromise their computer.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.
Patience Is Faster In The Long Run
I know it is so tempting to just mash the next button while you are downloading and installing programs, it helps you get to your game, your music, or your video that much quicker! However, being impatient just leads to a bigger headache later on. More often than not I see computers filled up with useless junk programs that make their computer run slower, things like 24×7 Help, PC Speed, or Driver Sweep. They all sound promising, but they are all harmful to your PC and very annoying. The most common way you get these programs is by not reading what you are pressing next to, even companies you trust will often put those little additions in the installation, but if you ready carefully you can avoid all of them. I promise your video will still be there if you spend the extra 20 seconds to read what you are installing, and you will be thankful for the 20 minutes you do not have to spend later uninstalling and cleaning your PC.

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