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Computer Security Watch – May 7 2014

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Today’s Top Threat
The Backdoor.Grexden virus is a pretty straight forward back door Trojan that is going to open your computer up to a whole series of malicious attacks. The slightly nastier part of this virus is that it will actually move some files, so it can be a bit tougher at times to remove.
Today’s Top Stories
The State of Cryptography in 2014, Part 1: On Fragility and Heartbleed 
“It seems like cryptography has been taking a knock recently. This is both good and bad, but is not actually true: cryptography is always under attack, and for that reason constantly evolves. That’s bad, but it’s good to realize that cryptography needs constant attention. The threat to cryptography can be very disruptive, as we most recently saw with Heartbleed, and more distantly with ‘issues’ in various algorithms like RC4, MD5, SHA1 and Dual_EC_DRBG (all of which should not be used any more, by the way.)”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.
Back It Up!
If there is one thing I can suggest to make your life easier it is this: Back up your files. You never know when the worst possible scenario could happen, and having your files backed up makes everything so much easier. If you need to reinstall your operating system, no big deal you got everything. If you get hit by the nasty cryptolocker virus, no big deal you got everything. Even small events like oh I think I deleted that file, it is much quicker and cheaper to pull your file from a backup than buy a restoration program and wait. There are so many great ways to back up your files these days, many companies like Mozy, carbonite, and amazon offer cloud services, or you can go the old school way and put them on an external drive. It does not matter how you do it , it’s just a good idea to do it.

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