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Computer Security Watch – May 12 2014

One Ring To Rule Them…
Today’s Top Threat
The fourth generation of the Cidox series of viruses is up to the same tricks as it was before. Once on your computer it will infect the IPL (Initial Program Loader), the IPL is part of the operating system start up process; needless to say you do not want something messing up the starting process of your operating system

Today’s Top Stories
Remote Help for Family and Friends – Part 1: Installing and Using TeamViewer
“Rather than rush across town to fix these and other problems (assuming I even live near enough to do so), I use TeamViewer remote access software, so I can manage the ailing computers remotely. (TeamViewer is free for personal use; if you’re a business user, you must pay for it.)”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.
Sharing Is Caring
I have found a trend in business that I find to be very troubling lately, it is the idea that only one person should or wants to have power over something. I find that systems administrators, high up IT guys or just the local security guy want to be the only one who knows about and has access to certain pieces of equipment like; security cameras, servers on your domain, or even just IT contacts. Today alone, I have ran across three situations where the an employee does not know how to use the equipment, lost the password, or found the equipment is a severe state of disrepair, all of which could have been prevented if one sole user was not responsible for the equipment. If you find yourself in that situation where one person has the sole power over something important, try to get them to share the password, the protocols, or to get the training on how to use the system, that way if they ever quit, get fired, or go on vacation your company doesn’t some to a standstill.

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