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Computer Security Watch – May 13 2014

Round ‘Em Up Pardners
Today’s Top Threat
Microsoft Office Web Apps CVE-2014-1813 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability 
It looks like there is another round of attacks on Microsoft office with another exploited vulnerability. Microsoft is sure to patch this issue is shortly, but in the meantime it is wise to keep an eye on what you are doing with your office applications.

Today’s Top Stories
1Q 2014 Security Roundup: Cybercrime Hits the Unexpected
“The first quarter of the year saw cybercrime hit targets that may not have been considered worthwhile in previous quarters. Multiple Bitcoin exchanges found themselves the victims of various attacks and were forced to close shop. The most high-profile victim Mt. Gox, which had been, at one time, the leading Bitcoin exchange in the world.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.
B BE BE Agressive
Anyone in technology will tell you the same thing, be aggressive when it comes to your safety. There is nothing worse than sitting on your heels and playing reactively when it comes to your computers security. Set yourself to automatically scan your computer once a week set it to automatically defragment and clean your computer. The other aggressive stance is when in doubt, scan your computer and be safe. When you are proactive then the worse is less likely to happen.

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