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A Few Tips For All Of The Google Drive Users Out There

logo-driveIt’s pretty easy to get lost while using new software or new technology.  No matter what, it always helps to be a bit more educated on new software applications that you may be unfamiliar with. In the long run, it’s going to make things run a lot more smoothly and you’ll become much more productive while using said software. Even things such as emails can get a little out of hand every once in a while. I know that I use Google Drive a lot. I’m always sending emails and always sending attachments to business colleagues. I only knew so much about the Google Drive software so I decided to to a bit of research, and found some nifty little things I could do.

For those of you who tend to send of lot of picture related attachments, did you know that you can actually crop photos within Google Drive? I know I  didn’t before today. That alone can save on some time and battery life by not having to open up another photo editing program. Another good feature that can be used in tandem with this is being able to check your revision history. Some people, namely yours truly, are extremely forgetful. I forget what I make changes to or save documents as all the time. So much so that I sometimes have to go back the original files. With this sweet little feature you can see the past 100 revisions made to any one document at any given time. All you have to do is go to the “File” tab in Google Drive and then “See revision history.”

Documents are the name of the game here. One way to enhance the experience of everyone receiving your document or files is by using add-ons. Whether you’re sending documents or spreadsheets to business partners, the add-ons can definitely help. You can add things like the Twitter curator. This add-on lets you search specific tweets that may relate to your overall goals or to the documents themselves and then save those tweets to a file. I also found the languages add-on to be particularly useful. The add-on is call Translate, and essentially translates all of the text specified into the any other language needed. The add-on is so perfect that you can translate a legal document professionally.

Google Drive is meant to make things a bit easier for anyone using it. There are so many features though, that it can become a bit confusing to know where to look. There are some shortcuts to take you where you may be wanting to go, or activate certain features that you may not know about. All you have to do is hold “shift” and hit “?” and presto! A menu will pull up a list of all of the keyboard shortcuts within Google Drive. Definitely cuts back on time.

Arguably the best feature about Google Drive is how much easy it makes sending attachments. Normally sending anything via Gmail alone gives you a 25MB limit on the document. You can send much larger files by using drive, and any file that you receive through the Drive software can be saved directly to your drive for easy access at a later time.

Sometimes it just helps knowing a bit more about what you’re using. These tips should help make anyone more savvy and productive when using Google Drive. I know it helped me!

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