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Computer Security Watch – May 15 2014

If A Thing Is Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well
Today’s Top Threat
The Boyapki is a rather ruthless virus, essentially it starts with redirecting network traffic from specific websites in order to steal your information. Think about it like this, you are shopping at your favorite online store and you are going through all of the information to process order, except, you aren’t filling out your personal information and credit card information on your favorite website, instead you are filling it out on a website perpetrated to look like and steal your information! As a wonderful side effect the virus will also download and execute files. Just #awesome

Today’s Top Stories
Expect the Unexpected
 “If one thing can be said about security in the post-PC era, it’s that things are a lot more complicated and the stakes are much higher. It’s enough to (almost) make you long for the old days of Blaster and NIMDA. Then, you only had one platform to worry about and your losses were primarily downtime. Now, as the online world continues to expand, threats are expanding with them. And, in terms of losses, quite simply cash is king.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
It is a good day when I only received one spam message, but here it is.
 Do It Right, Or Don’t Do It
My father always instilled the notion in me “Do it right or don’t do it at all.” The same notion applies to the technology world as a whole. You want to do things correctly the first time, because we can guarantee you it will come back to bite you later. Do yourself a favor and do not be cheap when it comes to doing anything, do not buy the oddly cheap software package, do not buy the super cheap computer component, and do not hire the super cheap technician. I can sit here and give you humorous horror stories of things cheap IT people have done, but needless to say it is better to do some research and to spend a bit more money to make sure you get the right help, the right item, and the right software.

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