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Computer Security Watch – May 19 2014

Malware Installing Malware Installing Malware… How Meta

Today’s Top Threat
Maltrec is an adware that associates itself with a previous virus called the adware.zangosearch. Zangosearch itself is particularly annoying pest, that monitors the contents of internet browsers and will open partner sites with certain keywords are detected. It will also install files related to another virus called Adware.180solutions. It’s easy to see why this is a pain in the neck for end users.
Today’s Top Stories
How Safe Is That App? Mobile Security Expert Tips To Help Protect Your Mobile Device.
“Mobile apps have transformed the way we interact with our smartphones and tablets. If you’re looking for a quick way to access your bank accounts, a tool to make you more productive while on the move, or a game to help pass the time while you’re waiting for a bus, there’s an app for that..”
More at: http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Protection-Blog/How-Safe-Is-That-App-Mobile-Security-Expert-Tips-To-Help-Protect/ba-p/1136124
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

Honesty Is The Best Policy
When it comes to fixing a computer, honesty is the best policy. What you were doing when the issue first occurred, anything you have tried to fix the issue, and any symptom big or small really helps. While fixing a computer recently I went through a series of steps to resolve the issue and it still seemed to have no effect no matter what I tried. I spoke with the customer again and oh, yeah well this was happening as well, and as soon as that was said, it hit me oh that’s the issue. I know it seems silly, but being upfront and honest really does make a huge difference, sometimes we are too proud to admit when we have issues, but the honesty will help resolve the issue quicker. Usually in the end we are going to find the issue anyway, but it helps save a ton of time!

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