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Proper Tips For Cleaning Your PC

We use our computers everyday. We use them for work, for entertainment and for everyday use. With all that use, your computer can get dirty just like anything else you use on a day to day basis. When that happens you need to clean your computer. If you want your computer to run like it is supposed to then you need to make sure it is cleaned regularly.78818019

But how does one go about cleaning the inside of their computer? For most average computer users, cleaning the inside of the computer tower isn’t something that is often considered, though it is extremely important. There are a few specific things you need to do and a few tools you’ll need to gather when cleaning the inside of your computer.

The first thing you need to do is gather all the tools you’ll need. The first thing you need is a can of compressed air. Compressed air is perfect for blowing out all the dust inside your computer, especially in those hard to reach spots. You will also need a screwdriver if your case requires one to open and maybe some soft brushes to dust over the delicate parts of your computer.

The first thing you will need to do is shut down your computer completely and unplug every cord and cable from the back. You need to make sure that absolutely no electricity is running to the computer tower whatsoever. That means unplugging your mouse, keyboard, speakers, LAN cable, monitors, etc…

Next you’ll want to move your tower to a good work space, especially if you haven’t cleaned your computer in a while. It isn’t recommended that you clean your computer where you have it usually as the process can get messy. After you move to a suitable work space you’ll want to open up your tower. After you have it opened it is time to clean.

It is recommended that you wear a dust mask when cleaning, especially if you have allergies. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you must never touch the inside of your computer as you run the risk of discharging built up static shock into your computer and causing serious damage. If you absolutely need to touch components inside of your computer then you need to discharge the shock by touching something metal.

Once you start dusting it is recommended that you start from the top as dust will naturally fall down, and nobody likes cleaning the same area twice. When cleaning the blades of the internal fan it is common that they will rotate so don’t be alarmed as it is recommended that this part remain clean as often as possible. It is also not recommended that you apply pressure on cords or components and to also keep your air can a moderate distance away from the components you are working on as well.

It is also very important to make sure that your can of compressed air is held in an upright position. Holding it inverted can cause the air to come out as a liquid and I don’t think I have to explain how detrimental that would be. In addition to that, the air that comes out is also freezing cold so make sure frost doesn’t form on any of your components either. Using short, concise bursts of air should help with this problem.

Make sure all of the components inside your computer are clean, especially the heat sink. The heat sink sits over the processor and keeps it form overheating. Look over the inside of your computer thoroughly and make sure you hit every spot then put the side of your tower back into place. Once you’ve put your tower back together clean up your work space and reconnect all your components.

Cleaning your computer is important and should be done on a regular basis. If you haven’t cleaned your computer before, follow these tips to make sure you do the absolute best job and to also make sure that you don’t damage anything inside our out of your computer because, let’s face it, nothing is worse than turning your computer into a massive paperweight, whether it be from improper cleaning or not cleaning it at all.

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