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Computer Security Watch – May 21 2014

Like Spring Cleaning, But For Your PC

Today’s Top Threat
In the past week more and more versions of Maltrec are being released on the world. It would be very wise to keep a keen eye out for any version of this virus.
 Today’s Top Stories
AVG Study Reveals Small Business are Positive about Future Opportunities with the Internet of Things:
“AMSTERDAM and SAN FRANCISCO – May 21, 2014 – The majority of small businesses in the U.S. (82 percent) believe the Internet of Things (IoT) will bring fresh opportunities for their business, according to a new study released today by AVG Technologies N.V. (NYSE: AVG), the online security company for devices, data and people. While more than 2 out of 5 (46 percent) agreed the IoT will mean more time spent dealing with security hacks, this was more than offset by the 83 percent of respondents who said that human error would continue to give them more concern than smart devices.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.
Once A Year…
I have a weird policy for myself, once a year I format my computer and reinstall Windows. I understand that this idea is a bit excessive and perhaps weird to most people. I back up all my data onto a secondary drive, all my settings, and some of games and just format and reinstall. There are many reasons I do this, the main reason is it purges all of that old useless data that I am no longer using and I get a nice simple clean install. I know there are many tools I can and frequently use on end users machines to make them run better, but there is something nice about a good clean start. If you have the knowhow and the disks you should give it a shot, it is like a brand new computer after you are done.

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