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Computer Security Watch – May 27 2014

What Would You Do For 7 Million Dollars?

Today’s Top Threat
The newest version of the Snifula Trojan is up to the same trouble has the previous version. Once the virus is on your computer it will start stealing information. The virus sometimes will masquerade as Trojan.Neverq.
Today’s Top Stories
Ransomware Moves to Mobile
“Ransomware continues to make waves, especially with the rise of file-encrypting ransomware like CryptoLocker. However, we are seeing yet another alarming development for this malware: it is now targeting mobile devices.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
Slow day in the spam world for me. Guess that is a good thing.
The Serious World Of.. Video Games?
I have followed video games for my entire life and I love them. I know that some people make a pretty good living at playing them professionally, but an upcoming tournament for a popular game called DotA (Defense of the ancients) has been raising its prize pool, it is currently sitting a little bit short of 7 million dollars and growing. That is enough to make anyone take a blink and reread that sentence. Let me add some more crazy stories of seriousness of video games, Blizzard (a very large game company) is suing the creators of a tool that allows them to cheat, and Google reportedly made an offer to buy Twitch, a website dedicate to streaming videos of people playing video games, for one billion dollars. I could go on about how serious people take video games, but suffice to say the video game industry is one crazy popular industry that you cannot ignore. The bad part is, you are incredibly unlikely to go pro playing video games, but a man can dream cant he?

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