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Computer Security Watch – May 28 2014

If You Build It, They Will Come
Today’s Top Threat
The Infostealer.Bankeiya.B is a pretty standard and straight forward Trojan horse that will download additional files and steal information. The good part is that this virus is relatively easy to remove with a decent virus scanner.
Today’s Top Stories
From the Test Labs: Speed & Battery Life Improvements on Your Android
“We’ve been living in the smartphone and tablet world for about seven years now and have devices with gorgeous screens processing power that rivals high-end PCs from a few years ago and more features than a Swiss army knife, but their battery still barely makes it through the day and performance falls as you install more apps.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.
Is Building A PC Right For You?
Quite often I am asked to build a computer for someone, and the very first question out of my mouth is, “what do you plan to do with it.” It lays a solid cornerstone of wants, needs, and expectations. I love custom built machines, I like that the person who built it knows the machines, I love the customization, and mostly I love the raw power you can get. However, sometimes a prebuilt machine is better for the end user. When a business asks for a machine it is almost always better for have a prebuilt Dell or HP, when a home user who just wants to read email, watch Netflix, and browse the internet, a prebuilt is probably better for you. Why you may ask? Warranty. The warranties that come with Dell and HP make it worth it, when you have a hardware issue they will take care of it, sometimes they will even take care of software issues. Now, if you want to play games hardcore…. You might be better having a customer built machine.

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