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Computer Security Watch – May 30 2014

Eeeek A Mouse!
Today’s Top Threat
The downloader.upatre does exactly what it sounds like it does. Once the virus is on your computer it will start downloading malicious files to your computer.
Today’s Top Stories
How Norton Keeps You “Shaded” From ‘Silent, But Deadly’ Threats
“I wrote a blog entry last week about fraudulent websites that scam users into purchasing tickets to the much-anticipated FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Just recently I found another threat that used the FIFA World Cup as a social engineering hook, this time it involves a banking Trojan.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.
The Fun Side of Peripherals
I know to a lot of people it would seem insane to spend more than fifty dollars on a mouse, and it might be. However, there are so many great advantages to have a nice mouse and keyboard. I have used high end mice by Logitech for years and using anything else seems like a going from a Ferrari to my sister’s old 1990 Ford Tempo. Yeah it drives, but man do you miss all the features. If you find yourself in the market for a new mouse my best suggestion is to go to a best buy, staples, or your local hardware place and put the mouse in your hand and feel it. Every mouse is curved differently so what fits my hand, doesn’t necessarily fit my wives hand very well. Once you find one that fits your hand well, it’s time to find features that you like, do you want wireless, how many buttons would you like, and how fast do you want your mouse to react. These are all great questions to consider when purchasing a new mouse.

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