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Computer Security Watch – June 2 2014

The Best Defense, Is A Good Offense
Today’s Top Threat
The Cryptolocker Trojan virus is an incredibly annoying and nasty virus. We often find this virus lying in wait in unsolicited emails pretending to be important. When the cryptolocker hits your computer it will encrypt all the files on your PC and demand a ransom. Your best bet for recovery is to remove the virus and then reload your files from a backup that isn’t attached to your computer.

Today’s Top Stories
Banking Trojan Trend Hits Japan Hard
“In its recent report, National Police Agency mentioned that the current estimated total cost of unauthorized transactions suffered by Japanese users reached 1.417 billion yen during the period of January-May 2014. In comparison the estimated total damage cost from these kinds of threats was 1.406 billion yen in 2013.” 

Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.
FBI Is Teaming Up To Protect You
I wrote an article earlier today about how the FBI is teaming up to crack down on cyber terrorism, and that is only one of the many cases I have heard about this month. They also teamed up with other law enforcement agencies to take down people who were hacking into mac books to turn on the cameras and spy/black mail people. So what does that mean for you as an average everyday citizen? It means quite a bit. Yes, they cannot arrest everyone, but with their more recent efforts they can arrest, frighten, and trim up some of the smaller operations. Ideally with them continuing to do such great work we can rest a little better, but do not for one moment forget that the best defense, is you. Protect yourself at all costs from cyber terrorism.

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