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Computer Security Watch – June 3 2014

Removing That Virus
Today’s Top Threat
The packed dromedan is another easy to remove but nasty while it’s on your computer virus. The Dromedan will download other viruses onto your computer. I mentioned before, it is a relatively easy to remove virus.

Today’s Top Stories
Why Are Password Crackers “Bad”?
“Every now and then, we get questions about password crackers. Usually, these questions are something like, why do you detect these password crackers? They’re not malicious! Well, now is as as good a time as any to address the topic.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.
Removing That Pesky Virus
I talk a lot about how easy it is to remove certain viruses from a computer and they are if you have the right tools. Everyone has different opinions on which anti-virus to use on an everyday level to prevent viruses. Some love AVG, Norton, Trend, MacAfee all the while hating the others for all they are worth. Fortunately I will not be covering any of the major preventative anti-virus and will focus solely on removing. Some of the best tools for removing a virus can be found at www.bleepingcomputer.com . It is a handy website that stores up to date versions on a clean virus free server. My favorites, Rkill, Malwarebytes, and TDSSkiller, normally if I run all three together 95% of the viruses I face are removed forever. RKill is great for stopping all known malware/viruses and letting you scan worry free, Malware Bytes is good at removing nearly anything, and TDSSKiller specializes in rootkits.

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