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Computer Security Watch – June 5 2014

The Almighty Dollar
 Today’s Top Threat
The Dunihi virus is spread through removable media and opens a backdoor onto computers. Removable media is anything that is not permanently attached to your computer, like USB drives, CD’s, DVD’s, and portable hard drives. The risk factor is low, but the potential damage is high. Once the virus is on your PC it will steal your information and download more threats.

Today’s Top Stories
What’s The REAL Cost of ‘Free’?
“Consumers often shun software with even modest price tags in favor of the next tempting giveaway. But stop and think for a second and it’s pretty obvious these free downloads can’t really cost nothing, or the skilled people who make them wouldn’t be able to earn a living. No, free rarely means free, and you should always be wary of downloading more than you expected.” 
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.
The Battle Of Cost Vs Performance
We as modern humans like to save money, it makes us feel good from head to toe to save a couple of bucks anywhere we can, but when does saving that couple of bucks come back to hurt you? When you are comparing two products and you know one is superior and you see the price difference sometimes you get a little dejected. However what you have to keep a few things in mind. 1. How important is this piece to you? 2. What do you gain by spending more? 3. Will my project work without the better features? Those questions vary based on who you are, for me when I purchased my new sound card it was very important to me, and I gained considerably better headphone sound, and I did not need the item. With those question in mind, I knew what I wanted!

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