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Computer Security Watch – June 6 2014

Sounds So Amazing
Today’s Top Threat
The real harm with these fake anti-virus viruses is that they actually lower your security settings on the computer, which then makes it easier for other malicious software to load on to your computer. Probably the most annoying part is that they tend to lock down what you can and cannot do on your computer; it’s pretty much a super intrusive virus. If you notice that you have this virus, just shut your computer down and seek help to remove the virus.

Today’s Top Stories
Maximize Your Productivity: Delivering Cloud Security
“I had the opportunity to participate in my first Automation Nation event in Orlando, Florida this week and came away impressed. I’ve been to numerous IT Nation events in the past so I wasn’t really surprised at the caliber of the event staff. (ConnectWise and LabTech are the same company, and thus their events are related).” 
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.
Does That Sound Right To You
I was asked recently by a customer if they needed a sound card, my immediate response was no of course not. However it got me thinking, when do you actually need a sound card? There are a few questions to ask yourself;
1. What are you listening to? Music, videos, or games?
2. How important is that sound to you
3. Do you have a device that can take advantage of the high end sound, like high end speakers or head phones?
The real issue anymore is that the onboard soundcard that comes with your computer is generally good enough for even lesser audiophiles to be happy with. That being said, spending the extra money on a good soundcard will be a drastic difference in quality. I spent the extra money on a nice SoundBlaster card and have never looked back.

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