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Computer Security Watch – June 11 2014

Just Walk Right In 
Today’s Top Threat
The Cryptdef is in the same family of Trojan as the Cryptolocker. This is the virus that has been making news lately, it will get on your computer and lock down your files and force you to purchase a password to unlock them. The only remedy to the items being locked is to copy them from a backup or pay the ransom!

Today’s Top Stories
Windows Security Feature Abused, Blocks Security Software
“We recently discussed the latest attacks affecting users in Japan that were the works of the BKDR_VAWTRAK malware. This malware family combines backdoor and infostealer behaviors and had just added the banking credentials theft to its repertoire.
It was also mentioned that this malware tries to downgrade the privileges of security software, including Trend Micro products. In this post, we will add more details on how VAWTRAK performs this routine, as well as provide information on potential countermeasures.” 
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

The Original Way To Hack
We are a culture obsessed with doing things online, and with that we get a culture who is trying their best to keep people from hacking into your systems. We install high end firewalls; go through a lot of effort to prevent spam with Trojans in them, and complicated passcodes, but the one thing that we most often forget to check is the original way to “hack” into a system. You might ask yourself what is that original way. The human being is the original way. Yes, that is right, we often let people into our homes and businesses because they show up and say, “Hi I’m from your local power company I need to read your meters,” and we don’t think twice. What is that person isn’t the local power guy or the phone guy, but came to your business to snoop, steal and drop a deadly virus onto your system so he can get on later? I know it seems simple, but check the persons credentials and you will be in a safer place.

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