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Computer Security Watch – June 16 2014

Bigger, Faster, Stronger
Today’s Top Threat
The Zorenium worm opens a backdoor to your computer and steals information from you. It has been targeting log in credentials for payment services and video games. If you notice this virus on your pc, please change all of your passwords.

Today’s Top Stories
Taiwan Hit With Micropayment Fraud via Android Malware
“In our 1Q Threat roundup report, we noted that the number of mobile malware and high-risk applications reached the two-million mark and is rapidly growing. In our monitoring of the mobile threat landscape, we have recently discovered an Android malware that is spreading fast in Taiwan, detected as ANDROIDOS_RUSMS.A.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

Extend Your Reach
Have you ever found yourself in a wireless dead zone in a business or your house? Of course you have, while the new wireless routers on the market are quite strong, they aren’t perfect. Now a days we can purchase wireless extenders which aren’t too incredibly hard to use and they are perfect for adding a bit more power to your existing wireless network, or even hard wiring your computer into the wireless network without using the router. The business class extenders can be a bit more complicated for logging in, but you just need a computer and an active wireless connection and you can create an even stronger wireless network. We use a couple in our building to provide a strong network between multiple floors. You can find the extenders pretty much anywhere these days and they are not terribly expensive.

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