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Computer Security Watch – June 17 2014

A View To A Kill
Today’s Top Threat
The Rusms is a Trojan horse specifically designed for Android devices, once your phone is infected it will send SMS messages and steal information from phones.

Today’s Top Stories
Template Document Exploit Found in Several Targeted Attacks
“The use of contextually-relevant emails is one of the most common social engineering tactics employed in targeted attacks. Emails still being the primary mode of business communications are often abused to deliver exploits to penetrate a network that consequently lead to other stages of a targeted attack cycle.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

What Monitor Suits You Best
There is a simple upgrade you can do to your computer to make it look better that people rarely ever do or think about. Your monitor! A lot of people still have old dell monitors from 10 plus years ago that are small, dark, and have awful refresh rates. Upgrading your monitor will take a huge strain off of your eyes, and will make everything come alive! There are a few things you will want to consider.
1. Know what connections your video card and what connections the monitor you want has. Sometimes video cards only come with DVI and monitors only do VGA. Keep that in mind while shopping.
2. Check on ratings and warranties. Check on the website you are purchasing to see if they have reviews or the manufacturer’s warranty listed.
3. Screen size! Figuring out what size is best for you can be tricky, too small and it’s hard to read what’s going on, and too big and you feel like you are straining your neck to see the information. Often times you can try out monitor sizes at places like Best Buy or Staples.
4. Performance! A lot of stats and numbers get thrown around, like contrast rations and brightness. You will want to find a high contrast ration, a high brightness (it can be adjusted later), and a high color display. Once you have an idea on the amount you want to spend you can look and compare performance factors to pick the right one for you.
Once it’s all said and done, having a new monitor on your desktop is amazing.

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