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Computer Security Watch – June 20 2014

PC Load Letter, The 3D Edition
Today’s Top Threat
Trojan.Cryptowall is a Trojan horse that is in the same family as the Cryptolocker and Cryptodefender viruses. Once on your PC it encrypts your files and holds them for ransom.
Today’s Top Stories
Securing Your Small Business Social Media Plan
“Today’s social media is a crucial tool for business, Companies that use Twitter, Facebook and other tools in an organised and efficient manner can achieve incredible engagement for relatively little cost, and (with a healthy dose of good fortune) a strong social media campaign can take off around the world and do more for brand recognition than traditional advertising. The key is finding the right balance between informal spontaneity and well-planned company output, and it’s a balance a huge number of businesses are finding hard to get right.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

What Would You Do With a 3D Printer
Our service department got into a debate today, what you would make with a 3D printer, we made our jokes about building fake computers and destroying them, action figures of ourselves, and sure a gun was mentioned. When we started to look online it brought us to find other fascinating things being built with 3d printers, including a house. The house project is fascinating; it can be built for fewer than 5,000 US dollars and can actually house a person. The more amazing part is that it can do up to 10 houses a day. With 3d printers, it would seem that your imagination is the limit, so what can you dream to build with one?

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