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Computer Security Watch – June 23 2014

Today’s Top Threat
Not too often do I get to say that I dealt with the Day’s top threat that day, but I did today! The Zbot is in the Zeus bot family, when it is on your pc it will attempt to steal credentials via key loggers and grabbers. If you notice this on your PC it would be wise to change your passwords.
Today’s Top Stories
Four Things You Should Know About Securing Your Small Business

“Small Businesses (SBs) often experience a greater risk from hackers, malware and other security threats.
You’ve read the headlines: “Data breach”, “Small vendor used in big attack!” Small Businesses are under increasing attacks from cyber criminals. They are used frequently as a stepping stone to a bigger target such as the big enterprises they conduct business with. In fact, targeted attacks on SBs now account for 30% of all targeted attacks. While still less than those targeted at enterprises, the numbers are growing and other attacks forms are increasing. For example, one in five SBs was targeted with at least 1 spear-phishing email in 2013.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

When Spam Really Isn’t Spam
This may sound weird at first, but I love to have our customers forward me their spam emails. As weird as it sounds, it isn’t, I am just putting them into our barracuda to prevent more emails from coming in. Quite often I find that people do not quite understand what emails they can prevent themselves. When you get an email from a place you shopped online you usually have the option to opt out, because they aren’t really spam, they are a newsletter. The big difference between the mass of spam that goes out and the emails from your favorite store is that when you get emails from your favorite store, it is because you signed up for their emails. The great part about those email chains is that you can pretty easily opt out, often times at the very bottom of the screen you will see words like “opt out” “unsubscribe” or “stop the emails.” Click those, it is much better than marking them as junk.

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