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Computer Security Watch – June 24 2014

Phone Calls, Texts, And Emails! OH MY!
Today’s Top Threat
The Malscript is classified as a “generic detection for HTML Files infected with a JavaScript that redirects the browser to a malicious website which may exploit the browser or download other malicious threats.” Which in basic terms means, it will redirect you from the site you want to go to, to a site with more viruses.

Today’s Top Stories
Cross-Platform Mobile Threats: A Multi-Pronged Attack
“Cross-platform threats can be dangerous, both at home and in the office. These can ‘jump’ from one platform to another, or target all of them at the same time – potentially infecting a user’s entire network, or even a company’s network if left unchecked. The risk to critical data and system functionality, not to mention overall network security, can be catastrophic if not mitigated properly.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

Communication Is Key
Much like any business or team communication in the IT world is crucial and in the modern age there are so many ways to communicate with everyone. When you are calling an IT company for assistance is always a good idea to tell them everything, sometimes what you think is a small issue may actually be the biggest concern. Often times we as IT people find ourselves changing our plan of action based on new information found or revealed. Even if you tell your IT company things we know, we will never look down on you or think less of you, we appreciate the information so much!

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