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Computer Security Watch – June 25 2014

So Many Cables
Today’s Top Threat
The VBS.Dunihi!Ink is a virus that creates .lnk files that will create links to the Dunihi worm. The Dunihi is a worm that is spread through removable media and will open a backdoor on the infected machine.

Today’s Top Stories
Lessons Learned from World Cup Wi-Fi Security Gaffe
“Fans around the globe have all eyes on epic soccer matchups cheering for wins and grimacing at errors. One error off the field has also been receiving attention – the World Cup Security Center’s Wi-Fi password reveal. While Symantec has already identified several scams surrounding this international football event targeting consumers on social networks, the incident serves as a reminder that not only awareness of risks and scams online but also proactive security habits are key to protecting your information from hacking or data theft. “ 
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

Proper Cabling
There is nothing quite like walking into a new office and seeing a giant mess of different colored, different styled, and different length cables all over. It’s a chaotic scene takes makes you pause and go, “oh my goodness.” There are so many things you can do to ensure proper cabling happens, one of the better options is to use a rack for your servers, panels, and switches, that way all of the cables will come in and out of one hole. The other major suggestion is to use cable ties to bind all of them into one neat and tidy bundle. While you are reorganizing your cable nightmare, take some time to label where cables go. Labelling a cable was, Switch, Application Server, or even FrontDesk-PC will make life much easier in the future. The sky is the limit when it comes to organizing cables, but if you do not, it makes life so much harder later on.

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