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The Windows 9 Preview Is Coming Sooner Than Expected

Windows_9_Logo_Metro_ConceptBack in May rumor had it that the Windows 9 preview was going to be available by spring 2015. Since then, there have been some updates that suggest that the preview version of Windows 9 might actually be available much earlier than that.

Sources at Microsoft have confirmed with ZDNet that the next version of the Windows operating system, codenamed “Threshold”, will be available for preview later this year in the fall. Originally everyone thought that the preview build would come out in spring of 2015, but as it turns out, that’s just when Windows 9 is actually coming out.

The same Microsoft sources also said that Windows 9 will be more focused on desktop users than Windows 8.1 with their new features. Windows 9 will mostly rely on a mouse and keyboard rather than touch, but touch will be an optional input as well. One of the new features that people are happy about is that Threshold will be reintroducing the mini start menu.

The reintroduction of the mini start menu comes with some cool new features. It was originally shown off at Microsoft Build 2014. You will be able to pin live tiles to it, but other than that, it’s pretty much just the same old list of applications.

Windows 9 will also be able to transform itself depending on what kind of system it happens to be installed on! Neat, right? PCs and laptops will get SKU versions of Windows 9 that transform the interface. Different laptops will start with the Metro splash screen and then switch to windowed mode when you start using the keyboard. Mobile devices are kind of left out though, as they will not have a desktop version of the OS at all. They will, however, be able to run apps side by side like the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Before the official release of Windows 9, Microsoft is going to be rolling out the newest update for Windows 8.1 this August. Supposedly this is going to be the last update for Windows 8.1 and it won’t include any big changes. It will mainly just have a few adjustments here and a few tweaks there. It turns out that Windows 8.1 is doomed to either be forgotten or remembered as one of the most boring and bland versions of the operating system destined to die out like Windows Vista did.

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