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Computer Security Watch – July 15 2014

Knowledge Is Key
Today’s Top Threat
The Chikdos Trojan has a low spread threat due to the fact that it must be manually installed or executed from the actual PC. That being said once it’s on your PC it will send CPU and network information to a remote location. After the information has been sent your information will be used for Denial-Of-Service attacks on people.

Today’s Top Stories
A Look At Repackaged Apps and its Effects in the Mobile Threat Landscape
“Repackaged applications, which are a category of fake applications, play a crucial role in the proliferation of mobile malware. Like fake apps, repackaged apps use social engineering tactics, displaying similar user interface (UI), icon, package names and app labels as the legitimate/official version of the apps they spoofed. This is done to trick users into downloading fake apps and consequently, generating profit.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

Know Who Holds The Key
I quite often find that companies do not know who holds the power over their equipment and frankly that’s a scary thought. I find this trend happening quite often, the main contact for IT in the company may not know who is in charge of working on their phone systems, their servers, their firewalls, or even simple repair issues. Most of the time it is not a big deal, one person can generally fix all of the issues if they are smart, however, when things get password protected, or go horribly wrong it’s a very wise idea to know who installed the hardware/software and who is the best contact. It is always advisable to keep a list of contacts on your desk, on your server, and even email it to the other department heads once a quarter in case of changes.

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