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Computer Security Watch – July 16 2014

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Today’s Top Threat
Despite the fact that the creator was put behind bars months ago, the Trojan Cryptolocker is still out making the rounds and causing chaos. The best way to deal with it is to remove the virus and back up your files.

Today’s Top Stories
Common Misconceptions IT Admins Have on Targeted Attacks
“In our efforts around addressing targeted attacks, we often work with IT administrators from different companies in dealing with threats against their network. During these collaborations, we’ve recognized certain misconceptions that IT administrators — or perhaps enterprises in general — have in terms of targeted attacks. I will cover some of them in this entry, and hope that it will enlighten IT administrators on how they should strategize against targeted attacks, also known as APTs.” 
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

A Few Small Tips
Over the past few months we have mentioned a lot of viruses and even mentioned how easy some of them are to remove, but that is mostly because we are experienced in this sort of thing. We wanted to take some time out today to give a few tips on how to remove viruses. This is not the end all be all guide, but a simple good starting point.
1. When in doubt, scan your computer. It’s simple to say, but if you aren’t sure it’s better to scan early rather than when the symptoms are showing.
2. It’s good to start with a virus’s symptom stopper, some like RKill. While RKill does not remove viruses it stops any abnormal processes and behaviors.
3. Start with solid trustable viruses scanners, the ones that we suggest and rely on are Malware Byes, and TDSSKiller.
4. If you still have symptoms, contact an IT shop or go to a reputable website for help.

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