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Google Is Using Hackers To Make The Internet A Safer Place

455249053Google has launched a new project that they are calling “Project Zero”. They have hired a whole team of hackers for the project, and the whole goal is to find all of the biggest bugs that are scattered across the internet.

After the whole Heartbleed incident earlier this year, there has been a growing concern for safety on the internet. The idea behind Project Zero is to reduce the amount of people affected by these types of targeted attacks. The Project Zero crew is going to be dedicating all of their time to making the internet a safer place for all of us.

There will be a huge public database that all of these bugs and files will be stored in, which is really convenient because it will improve analysis, and maybe we can become aware of huge threats a little bit early. At least before a patch comes out. Speaking of patches though, this project will also probably cut down a lot of time between when the threat is discovered and when they actually do put out a patch. They are going to be reporting these things in real time, so there should be no reason for any time to be wasted. Whenever they discover a bug, they will also report it to the software’s vendor to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

This is one of the best things that Google could have done. No one should ever be scared to use the internet. You shouldn’t have to worry about the criminals out there that are trying to steal your information, your secrets, and even spy on your different methods of communication like email. With all of the huge companies out there, it is actually a wonder that no one has stepped up and addressed this issue in this manner before. We have always known that more could be done to avoid these issues, but no one has ever acted on it.

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