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Computer Security Watch – July 24 2014

Ease On Down The Road
Today’s Top Threat
W32.SAPE.Heur.1 and 3
The SAPE.Heur is a supposed to be a form of anti-virus, however it is noted that the files that come with this anti-virus actually cause more harm than good, which is confusing to most users. It is always wise to stick with well-known and trusted anti-virus brands.

Today’s Top Stories
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Social Media Scams and How-to Protect Yourself
“As reported by BBC, scammers are capitalizing on the destruction of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 via social media posts promising video footage of the incident. Instead, these posts are linking social media users to spam or offensive content. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission also reported that fake tribute Facebook pages have been created by scammers to re-direct people to websites with dubious advertisements, where scammers will profit on each advertisement click.” 
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

A Good Transition Period
Sometimes it takes the human brain a while to relearn muscle memory and get used to a new computer setup. Which is why we would suggest breaking yourself into things slowly as not to get overwhelmed and dislike a new set up? If you are going to add a system with four monitors, it might be wise to get used to two at first, then three, and then four. It may seem silly to do so, but if you are not used to multiple monitors it is very easy to lose yourself where your programs are, where your mouse is, or even what you were working on. It’s a good idea to ease yourself into the transition.

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