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Computer Security Watch – July 24 2014

It’s Getting Hot In Here
Today’s Top Threat
Like any other Backdoor Trojan virus, the Baccamun will open a backdoor on the computer and download additional files that will be harmful to your pc.

Today’s Top Stories
Open Socket Poses Risks To Android Security Model
“The security of the Android platform is based on its sandbox and permission protection mechanism, which isolates each app and restricts how processes can communicate with each other. However, because it is designed to be open to include other open source projects like Linux and OpenSSL, it can inherit many features as well as vulnerabilities.” 
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

Its Heating Up!
If you find your computer in a state of constant freezing and cannot find out why, you may need to think the opposite! Your computer may be over heating, if you have gone through the virus removal process, the cleaning process and you still find your computer acting slow and freezing it is time to dust out the fans and heat sinks. Just the same as any other procedure, proceed with caution, and use a certified duster and blow the dust out of the fan system on top of your cpu. If you are unsure if it is heat related, there are many apps you can download and check!

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