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Computer Security Watch – July 29 2014

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Today’s Top Threat
Symantec labels the Trojan.Gen.4 as a compliation of generic Trojans that have not created a specific definition yet. Generally when they release information like this, it means new Trojans have eben released onto the internet.

Today’s Top Stories
System Admin Day 2014! Reasons to Thank Your System Administrator Today (and Everyday).
“Today marks the 15th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day, and Norton wishes all those who keep our world of information up and running a big thank you and much deserved rock star recognition. To celebrate the day here are a few of the top reasons to say thanks.” 
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

Knowing When Enough Is Enough
Each person has different limits they are willing to go to fix something, but when it comes to working on networks and computers, knowing when you are beat and need help is just about as important as knowing what to do. Networking can be a very complicated and fickle thing at times, when you think everything is going your way it might just shut down completely on you. Even the little options make a big difference in the long run. When you are trying to work on something you are not familiar with, it is wise to back up the settings, then make changes from there, this way you can always restore from a backup.

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