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Computer Security Watch – July 31 2014

A Guiding Light

Today’s Top Threat
The second generation of the Scieron family Trojan has been making its way through the internet lately. The premise of this virus is to open a back door on your computer, and then steal information all the while downloading more unwanted files.

Today’s Top Stories
WWCD?: Clark Griswold’s Vacation Planning in the Internet Age
“July and August are popular travel months across the globe for many families. The sunscreen is all packed, and you have printed your boarding passes for your flight. Or maybe, you are choosing to go the Clark Griswold route and taking the family cross country in the “Family Truckster.” The entire family is “over the top” excited about the getaway, and you have taken all the necessary steps to make sure it goes just right… Or did you?”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

Knowing What You Want
I find my trips to department stores a bit time consuming, you start in one department and see the pretty shiny things in the other, the next thing you know its two hours later and you have a box of birthday cake Oreos going … hmm I don’t need this. It’s ideal to know what you want, grab it and go straight to the check out. The same can be said of the internet in many ways it’s good to know what you want, not knowing what you want tends to lead you to browse web pages and click links. The more links you press, you wander further away from the secure website you started at and end up in a sketchy part of the internet. The big difference is, you won’t leave with odd flavored Oreo’s your wife wants, you will leave with programs installed on your computer that want to steal all of your information. The internet is a mysterious and fun place, but it is a good idea to have a goal in mind and not wander aimlessly.

If you received a virus and need help Contact A Technician who can help you out.

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