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Computer Security Watch – Aug 5 2014

Ding! Ding! Round Two!

Today’s Top Threat
The Downloader.Sesafer does as the name suggests, it is a Trojan horse that will download potentially malicious files to your PC and infect your machine. While it’s on your machine it will do its best to steal your information!

Today’s Top Stories
When Were Computer Viruses First Written, and What Were Their Original Purposes?
“Early on, viruses had varied utilities and were engineered mostly by people in computer science industries. College students created viruses for research projects in order to help further their studies and fine-tune their coding skills. In addition to research, those students would also construct code to play practical jokes on their classmates. Engineers at Xerox created a computer worm meant to search for idle processes in a computer network. A pair of programmers created a boot sector virus in order to defend their program against piracy, more of which you will read about below.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well. 

It Just Never Made Sense Round Two
There are many things that boggle my mind when it comes to the world of viruses, one of those many is why make it so visible and annoying? Despite not agreeing with the virus maker, a lot of the viruses they create leave a noticeable impression on the end user. Of course, we have the fake anti-virus viruses that tend to try to scam you for money, but most viruses you have you really do not notice! So I guess you have to ask yourself, why make it so it downloads other viruses? Why make it so that is noticeable? From what we can tell it’s a complicated issue of paying one virus maker to link to another’s, and pride. Virus creators and hackers are very prideful people, yes they hide behind their monikers, but they are very proud of their work.

If you need help humbling a virus creator, contact us!

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