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Computer Security Watch – Aug 13 2014

Colorful World Of Cabling

Today’s Top Threat
Microsoft Internet Explorer CVE-2014-2824 Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability
For most people this particular exploit shouldn’t be an issue, it is target at Internet Explorer 8, and will executed arbitrary code in an attempt to use your browser for a denial of service attack. If you keep your PC up to date, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Today’s Top Stories
DEF CON 22 Turns up the Heat on Devices
“The lineup of hacked IoT devices was extensive. Many sessions focused on individual device hacks of consumer devices such as media players, IP cameras, cars, and home automation systems. Other sessions focused on industry-specific hardware such as traffic control systems, mesh camera networks, medical devices, and Industrial Control Systems (ICS)/SCADA. Other sessions focused on how to enumerate the devices and the implications of the data they collected.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

A Colorful Hint
Nothing is more frustrating than trying to figure out what cable goes to what in a big mess. Sure, you may have thought it was smart to label them, but even then when looking through cables in a large stack of switches it can be tough. A small, but incredibly helpful suggestion is to use different color cables for different things. You can use red cables for switch uplinks, white for servers, blue for computers, and green for anything else, that way when there is an issue it’s much easier to identify an uplink or server cable in a hurry.

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