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Computer Security Watch – Aug 19 2014

Call The Cable Guy

Today’s Top Threat
The InstallRX, is one of many viruses that masquerades as an anti-virus system, it will “detect” multiple issues with your machine, sometimes even saying your hardware is bad.

Today’s Top Stories
How to Spot a Fake Android App
“Malware on mobile devices is rampant. CNN reports that 55% of Internet traffic in January was on mobile devices, so it seems natural that cybercriminals target mobile, often devising scams using the apps that are most familiar to users. “
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

Keeping Them Cables Clean
One of the best ways to take a job from mediocre to amazing is to have a nice solid organized cable scheme. This can also be the most time consuming effort of the job, but when it is done correctly, it makes everything look that much better. When doing cabling, zip ties are you best friend, they hold all of your cables into one nice and tidy group that you can run. The zip ties also allow you to tie your cable group onto pieces of desk, monitors, or your pc to create nice lines that are harder to see. The other big tip to doing cable is, if you are doing cable with walls; try to fish the cable down the wall. It is another time consuming effort, but the result is a very professional looking install.

If you need help with cabling, let us know!

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