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Computer Security Watch – Aug 26 2014

The Best Kept Secrets
Today’s Top Threat
The Backdoor.Darkmoon is a Trojan horse that open backdoors on a compromised computer. There is not much known other than the basics of the virus currently.

Today’s Top Stories
Netis Routers Leave Wide Open Backdoor
“Routers manufactured by Netcore, a popular brand for networking equipment in China, have a wide-open backdoor that can be fairly easily exploited by attackers. These products are also sold under the Netis brand name outside of China. This backdoor allows cybercriminals to easily run arbitrary code on these routers, rendering it vulnerable as a security device.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well.

Cost Of Keeping The Small Things
It is super important to keep those small pieces of paper that comes with your computer or software. I find that so many people lose, throw away, or forget where they stuck their office key or windows installation key. The biggest issue is that people assume that they will be able to get their installations back. Without the proper cd key, that installation disk you have becomes nothing more than a very expensive coaster. There are many great places to put them, but a smart out of the way place… inside your PC tower. Seriously, just slip them in there and when you need them it’s always in an odd safe place!

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