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Some Basic Ways To Help Maintain Your Computer’s Security

Have you ever noticed just how much of our lives depend on electronics now? Not only do we use our phones for just about everything these days, but we also tend to live through technology. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, we post about everything that goes on in our lives today. Everything we do or come in contact with online can potentially leave our information available for everyone to see. These days we need to be careful about what we put online and how open about ourselves we are. We put a lot of information on our electronic devices that we may not even be aware of. Everything from bank card numbers to important business documents, social security numbers and more could potentially be at risk whenever you get online, so it’s best to know how to protect yourself.

Firewalls, Firewalls, Firewalls

Are you familiar with a firewall and what it is exactly? You may have heard this term before, and it’s definitely a good one to become acquainted with. This particular line of digital defense essentially blocks all unauthorized access while still maintaining outward communication. Firewalls are pretty easy to install and most computers and programs come with them already installed to guarantee that no one who isn’t supposed to be accessing the device is accessing it. Unless the proper credentials and prerequisites have been met, ┬áthe firewall will jump up and inform the user that their access has been denied. These firewalls could even be time sensitive. They could cater to things like when your child is allowed to use the tablet or to making sure that only two people within a corporation are allowed to access specific documents at certain times.

Password Protection

476030759You can protect a lot more than you think just by having password protection with some of your programs. Yes, firewalls can be a big help, but there’s nothing wrong with having another layer of security on your documents. Just about any service you use today comes with at leas some sort of password protection feature. Your Facebook. Your bank accounts. Your email accounts. Even your mobile devices. All of these services and products can have all of the contents protected by password protection. You can have everything from a basic 8 character password to something that has be within a certain number of characters and must use symbols, numbers, and letters both upper and lower case. The basic password protection can be for things like accessing your mobile device. Then again, there could also be programs and devices that hold very sensitive data that needs more advanced password protection.

Antivirus Software

Hacking is a huge security risk no matter who you are. Even hackers are afraid of getting hacked. It doesn’t even have to be done by a human. There are times when your programs and data are at risk from other programs. There are viruses and other malicious software out there that can ruin your livelihood. This is where antivirus software comes into play. These programs are designed to scan just about everything on your computer and find anything that could be considered malicious or detrimental. Things like worms, trojan horses, and other computer viruses can be detected by antivirus software. Your data could end up being stolen by a program, but as long as you have your antivirus software in place, you should be able to catch it before any real harm can be done.

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We live through our technology today. We have so much personal information and sensitive data that is just floating around the internet or that you consider to be “safe” on your desktop. Don’t assume that your data is always safe. Make sure you’re educated on how to protect your digital belongings.

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